Mercedes-Benz E300 W124 is a sturdy buy


Perceived as a brand that is synonymous with luxury and sound construction, owning a Mercedes-Benz is the dream of many motorists.

Those looking for a family car should consider the Mercedes-Benz 300E W124, which comes with two sizes of six-cylinder engine – 2,300cc and 3,000cc.

The 3,000cc model is recommended since, like many other models in the Mercedes-Benz family, this one has a big body that is better served by the more powerful engine.

A second-hand unit in moderately good condition should go for between Bt650,000 and Bt690,000.

The main problem in this car concerns the valves, which need regular adjustment. Without proper valve tuning, the 300E will become a fuel-thirsty car with poor acceleration.

Most of the engines in this model still run pretty well, so there’s no need for a buyer to replace it. But if you want to, there are used Mercedes engines and used Japanese engines that can be modified to fit the 300E available in the Siang Kong and Saphan Khwai areas, as well as other spare parts.

Buyers will be relieved to know that parts are not very expensive, since the model has been popular around the world, resulting in a wide selection of parts.

The engine room is large enough to accommodate even a 5,000cc engine, but be sure to repair or upgrade the suspension system if you buy a more powerful engine.

The engine replacement can be done at any garage you have faith in, or you can go to the ones in the Sam Sen and On Nut areas.

The car’s interior is spacious and comfortable, and the body does not rust easily. It’s possible to get the interior refitted, while the external appearance could be enhanced with new mag wheels.

The electrical system in this car does not pose any problems, especially if it has never suffered an accident to the front. If it has then there could be problems with the electrical system due to incorrect wiring, and that could lead to overheating.

To check whether the electrical system works properly, start the car and leave it running for half an hour. Also check the entire body thoroughly for signs of any previous damage.

It’s worth making sure, since you’re going to be handing over nearly Bt700,000 for the car.

In fact, most of these cars have been in some sort of collision previously. The roomy cabin makes them ideal for long rides on highways, which is where accidents are more likely to happen.

However, if the car has not been damaged before then it could be a really good buy. Despite its age, the 300E W124 still provides a strong feeling of sturdiness and safety.

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