Singapore MOTOR SHOW: Eye-opening display


This year’s Singapore Motor Show, organised by the Motor Traders’ Association of Singapore (MTA) on the theme “Drive the Future”, will feature not only new car launches but also a new wave of auto-engineering and design technologies in the form of futuristic concepts that drive, swim and even fly.

An innovative concept appearing in the region for the first time is the Rinspeed “Splash”. The Swiss-made car is the only one in the world to be able to move through water as well as “fly” over the surface at a height of 60 centimetres. It is also the world’s first amphibious vehicle to be powered by a natural-gas engine.

High-performance concept cars by global car-manufacturers like Honda, Lexus, Rolls-Royce, Toyota and Suzuki will be on display. Scheduled for its first public appearance in this region, the new Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster will be attracting sports car enthusiasts.

Other new models sporting enhanced motoring features and sleeker design styles include offerings from established auto-makers Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Saab, Subaru and Suzuki.

Environmentally friendly cars will also return with enhanced performance capabilities. Manufacturers participating in the “Clean Energy Vehicle Area” include major auto-makers like Honda, Mercedes and Toyota.

Displayed alongside these modern motoring concepts, the world’s first motor car, the Mercedes-Benz Patent Motor Car of 1886, will celebrate the 120-year history of automotive achievements. As part of “The Shining Silver Star” exhibition, the car will be showcased with other Mercedes-Benz models dating from 1907 to 1950.

“It is definitely exciting to see so many concept cars on display this year. On top of a first-hand chance to preview the latest automobiles and auto accessories that are due to hit local markets, visitors can expect a good overview of future motoring concepts and witness some of the greatest automotive inventions from more than a hundred years ago,” said Chia Yong Sian, president of the MTA.

According to Chia, R&D plays a major part in delivering new technologies, and this is what organisers want to highlight at the show.

“We hope that the event will serve as a platform for consumers to stay in the forefront of automotive technology and in the process build a stronger automotive culture in Singapore,” he said.

“Even as we look towards emerging trends on the world automotive stage, we remain focused on our efforts to raise awareness for environment-friendly technology. We are seeing an interesting new breed of high-performance environment-friendly cars. We want consumers to know that opting for these cars does not mean they have to compromise on engine power and performance. Having environment-friendly cars that are just as good as conventional cars or even better is likely to be the way forward.”

To date, the biennial show has offered a large variety of automotive displays. Besides the traditional auto exhibits and accessories, the show boasts some unusual motoring-inspired highlights, including an exhibition of Australian automotive art. Colourful artwork by a team of four Australian artists who combine their passion for cars and love of art will be on display. These include paintings of glamorous cars and well-known motoring personalities, air-brushed car bonnets, styling car models and Michelin-man sculptures.

The event is supported by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, the Singapore Motorcycle Trade Association and the Singapore Exhibition and Conventions Bureau.

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